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Http vs websocket vs socket

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Http vs websocket vs socket

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Here we compare between hapi, socket.io, websocket and ws.In this comparison we will focus on the latest versions of those packages. The current versions are hapi 18.1.0, socket.io 4.2.0, websocket 1.0.34 and ws 8.2.3. hapi, HTTP Server framework.It was authored on Aug, 2011.Dec 29, 2015 · HTTP/2 may end up winning this battle due to the huge amount of WebSocket connections web browsers allow, and HTTP/3 may unify the protocols. You may want to avoid running dedicated socket servers (which at scale you are likely to want to run so sockets do not interfere with standard HTTP traffic). Http vs WebSocket Protocols With Nodejs Clients and Python Servers. ... But this communications are enabled only when a client uses Socket.IO and a server has also integrated the Socket.IO package ...

Websockets are highly used in applications like chat applications where there is real-time exchange of data because in those cases a connection needs to be maintained between the clients and the server. There are various libraries you can use for websockets in your application and a few good ones for NodeJS are listed here – websockets libraries.